Machine Tool Operator Error Coverage

Machine Tool Operator Error Coverage protects machine shop owners who may already have standard property insurance coverage on their machines, but no insurance coverage for Crash due to Operator Error. These crashes can break a spindle or damage the cutting apparatus as a result of a programming error.

Operator Error Protection:

  • Provides physical damage coverage to the machine due to programming errors
  • Repairs or replaces parts and key machine tool components
  • Optional coverage for accessories

Examples include the following types of machines tools:

  • Vertical/Horizontal Milling
  • Injection Molding Machine
  • Electrical Discharge Machine
  • Universal/Multi-axis Machine
  • Vertical/Horizontal Lathe
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Laser Cutting

Notable Exclusions

  • Mechanical breakdown (other than resulting directly from Operator Error)
  • Electrical breakdown, power surge
  • Fire, including smoke from a fire, or any type of combustion explosion; however, this exclusion does not apply to fire resulting directly from Operator Error
  • Theft, Flood, Wind, Water Damage, Earthquake

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