General Liability

General Liability is protection from the financial impact of a claim made against you by a third party for injury or damage caused by your business operation.  This includes the cost of lawsuits, settlements, medical damages and more.

Coverage includes injury that may occur on your premises to damage that may occur due to your operation.  A fire in the location your rent will create a financial loss to you while you pay the owner of the building for your part in the occurrence. That is covered with Fire Legal Liability. If you make a Product or if your work is a Completed Operation, like a plumber or tailor, you will need appropriate liability coverage.

Example of coverage:  Someone falls while visiting your office.  Any cost associated with their injury would be insured under the General Liability.

You may want to consider a Business Owners Policy which combines this liability with your property.  Our professions agents can help you create an insurance product that meets your business needs.

Not included in General Liability insurance is employee injury, auto related coverages and intentional acts because these are covered differently.

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